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Designed by leading experts, eLuminate assesses and certifies food service and hospitality professionals. eLuminate certifications are accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board Personnel Certification body and meet the management component of regulatory requirements in most US states. 

Our proprietary solution utilizes innovative technology, creating a convenient electronic, on-demand exam platform that benefits employees and employers.

About Us


Realizing that not everyone has the opportunity to pursue higher education, eLuminate makes accredited certifications available to those committed to pursuing a career.


eLuminate’s vision is to become a leading provider of accredited programs and certifications for those interested in self-improvement and career advancement.

Company Values

We strive to make a difference in the lives of people by providing opportunities for self-improvement and career advancement.
Our commitment to customer service, inclusion, collaboration, innovation, and integrity are our number one priority.


eLuminate’s mission is to ensure accredited certifications are aligned with best practices in the healthcare industry.
We do this by putting our core values into motion.

Our Benefits


Fast and easy three-year certification


Creates career advancement opportunities


Meets the requirements of 42 CFR §483.60(a)(2)(i)(B)&(C)


Competitively priced with no annual membership fees


Easily verified employee digital credentials that are shareable across social and professional channels

Our Exams

Integrated Proctoring, Testing,
and Digital Certification Platforms

The integrated proctoring, testing and digital badging platforms create a user-friendly customer experience. Exams are scheduled and taken online and are proctored by a live virtual proctor and the exam platform provides security, seamless integrations, and superior performance.

The cutting-edge technology and security meet or exceed the standards for accredited certification examinations. This examination technology is utilized by tens of thousands of candidates monthly, in a wide variety of use cases including medical, IT, financial, and HR certification.

FSM Certification Exam

The FSM (Food Service Manager) is an accredited online certification exam created to evaluate employee knowledge needed to provide superior service to restaurants and health care facilities. The FSM certification exam test covers nutrition, food safety and management in line with the 2022 Food Code and management concepts applicable to the food service industry.

Successful completion of the FSM Exam is required in order to sit for the LTC-FSM exam.

LTC-FSM Certification Exam

Due to the vulnerability of the senior population, federal and state regulations for long-term care food service managers are often more stringent than regulations applied to other types of food service operations.

The Long-Term Care Food Service Manager (LTC-FSM) accredited certification exam assesses the candidate’s knowledge of the 2022 Food Code and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) regulations. These regulations address food service supervisor requirements in long-term care (LTC) and other healthcare facilities servicing those with special dietary needs.

Successful completion of the FSM Exam is required in order to sit for the LTC-FSM exam.

The exam tests regulatory knowledge of:

  • the survey process
  • environmental requirements
  • infection prevention and control
  • types of healthcare facilities
  • proper kitchen procedures
  • dining and meal service
  • nutrition, diet types and consistencies
  • the role of the dietitian
  • coordination of services

The COVID pandemic increased the need for proctored online testing and certification, versus in-person classroom testing. Cost-effective, easily accessible, audience-appropriate, and job-specific online certifications are needed to address emerging industry needs.

The idea for eLuminate grew out of a combination of innovation needed during the pandemic and the 2016 changes to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regulations for long-term care, specifically the addition of 42 CFR §483.60(a)(2) to the requirement for food and nutrition services directors/supervisors.


Jeannie Fissinger, BS, MS, MBA, PHR, JD, Esq.

eLuminate President/CEO/Founder

Our Board

Tracy Wright, MBA

eLuminate Board Chair
and Registered Dietitian

Alison Vandermay, BS, SQF, PCQI

eLuminate Board Member

Sherry Nikisher, BSN, RN, CDP

eLuminate Board Member

Amber Pintar, RD, LDN

eLuminate Board Member
and Consultant Registered Dietitian

Kelli Haskins, BA

eLuminate Board Member
and Food Procurement Consultant

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    eLuminate maintains a database of certified persons. Members of the public who wish to inquire as to the status of a certification holder (certificant) should send a request to eLuminate customer support via the “Contact Us” feature above or via email at support@eluminatecertifications.com. Please include the name of the individual who is the subject of your inquiry. If the individual has been certified, eLuminate will provide you with ONLY the following information: Name of Certified Individual, Type of Certification, Status of Certification, State or Territory in Which the Individual Obtained Certification, Date of Expiration. Please note that eLuminate will not provide any additional personal or confidential information.